Introducing Lineage Link®: Your access to transformative intelligence.

Lineage Link is a fully integrated platform that provides unprecedented visibility to customers, transforming supply chain interactions through access to real-time intelligence. By partnering with Lineage, you can monitor, move, manage and collaborate across your cold chain unlike ever before.

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For carriers and business partners who use Lineage Link ONLY for scheduling purposes                   


For customers, carriers and team members who have Lineage Link user credentials 

Needing a better way.

Today’s logistics professionals are overwhelmed with disparate sources of data and processes that vary across the supply chain. As product moves from farm to fork, our customers have limited visibility into the movement of their product and real-time reporting is spotty at best. We heard the call loud and clear—our customers want control. And so, Lineage Link was born.


Giving actionable insight into your supply chain.

A stellar complement to our core services, Lineage Link gives you access to real-time data anytime you need it, anywhere your product is located. Armed with the data you need, you can make quicker decisions and actively collaborate via Lineage Link’s enhanced capabilities and features, including:

  • Live shipment visibility
  • Inventory management by SKU, lot and pallet
  • Self-service appointment selection and confirmation
  • Access to order and shipment updates for all supply chain partners
  • Intuitive functionality across platforms and devices
  • Live reports or key metrics to inform your decision-making
Accessing your data using Lineage Link

Connecting you to network members – anytime, anywhere.

With desktop and mobile-enabled capabilities, Lineage Link hands over the controls to the numerous cold chain network members on-the-go. Engage anywhere with any member. Connect with carriers, drivers and customer service teams as you proactively plan inventory, assign tasks, share documents and take time-sensitive action without calling or writing an email.


Thinking about the bigger picture.

Lineage Link reimagines the customer experience by granting unprecedented visibility, data and insights that provide you with greater actionable control over your own supply chain. This groundbreaking tool is a pivotal part of our strategic vision to increase efficiency and conserve resources across the cold chain. The platform’s capabilities enable informed decision-making, inventory control and smarter execution, ultimately reducing waste across our customers’ supply chains.