Playing Tetris in the Physical World

February 27, 2019

Impact // Innovation

Space economy.

Warehouse assets are expensive to build and expensive to maintain at temperature. Consequently, logistics providers strive to utilize as much of their warehouses’ cubic space as possible.

At Lineage, we took this consideration a step further by applying our trademark innovation-first approach to rethink the way a temperature-controlled warehouse is organized. In our world, that starts with the design of our racking. We developed a proprietary warehouse rack optimization process to more effectively utilize every possible square inch of a Lineage warehouse. The end result is better business performance and a reduction in energy waste. We call it densification.

Our densification method is effectively playing Tetris in the physical world – using sophisticated, patented technology to design warehouse racks that store product as efficiently as physically possible. 

Racking in a Lineage facility

The dynamic warehouse.

Lineage’s proprietary algorithms take input from multiple (and previously disparate) data sources and apply big data capabilities to maximize productivity and density in the highly dynamic cold-storage environment. In essence, we turn data into visibility, and that visibility leads to better insights and better real-time decision-making. 

This real-time visibility is key to creating a truly flexible, dynamic environment, which gives Lineage the increased ability to provide customers space where and when they need it –with limited waste to boot. Thanks to our densification method, Lineage offers the most efficient and adaptable multi-tenant warehousing environment in the industry.

Real-time visibility is key to creating a truly flexible, dynamic environment, which gives Lineage the increased ability to provide customers space where and when they need it.

The Lineage difference.

By using LIDAR and stereoscopic cameras to map facilities to sub-millimeter accuracy, we can ensure each Lineage warehouse is miles ahead of the rest of the industry in terms of operational and spatial efficiency. To date, we have created a staggering 800,000 square feet (32 million cubic feet) of warehouse space – and 75,000 pallet positions – within our existing footprint at a fraction of the cost to build an entirely new warehouse.


The percent increase of storage capacity Lineage’s densification process can create in the same amount of space.


The number of new pallet positions we have added by optimizing their placement within the warehouse.


The square feet of warehouse space added within Lineage’s current footprint – at a fraction of the cost to build a new warehouse.


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