Headshot of Harld Peters
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Senior Vice President Europe

Harld Peters serves as Senior Vice President Europe at Lineage. Harld and his team are focused on overseeing all operations in Europe. Before joining Lineage, Harld held multiple key leadership positions at ManpowerGroup and UPS. He holds a Master of Business Economics from Radboud University of Nijmegen and has taken various executive courses at the International Institute for Management Development, IESE Business School, and Harvard University.


What makes Lineage an exciting place to work? What makes it unique?

Great strategy, great mission, and great people! Lineage is unique in our unprecedented growth and everyone working together across both functional and physical borders.


What would you tell someone considering a career in supply chain, logistics, or at Lineage?

The world has become more and more connected, and recent disruptions have proven how complex supply chains have become and what the impact on society is when they get broken. This is a fantastic industry for people that like complexity at a global level and in a continuously changing environment. If you add components like growth, technology and fantastic people to it, you have Lineage!


Quote from Our Leadership

“Even though it is extremely hard to choose from such strong values, I would say Bold is the most meaningful to me. We are bold in shaping the vision of the company, bold in driving growth, and bold in embracing continuous change as the norm.”


What does Lineage’s purpose (to transform the food supply chain to eliminate waste and help feed the world) mean to you and why is it important?

Throughout my professional career I have lived and worked across the world and learned that having access to sufficient and good quality food is not a given for many people. This is true both in developing and developed countries. The production of food is also closely linked to creating a more sustainable world. Our management of food supply chains, supported by technology, will help to reduce waste in this global food supply chain and support a more sustainable world.


If you had to deliver a message directly to our hourly warehouse team members, what would you say?

What I would like to stress is it is them who deliver service to our clients every day. It is our people that live up to our global vision and make it happen. For one message to summarize it all: You do an awesome job!