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Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Matt Hardt oversees Lineage Logistics’ financial needs and is responsible for creating a firm foundation for future growth. He and his leadership team are focused on building a world-class finance organization, serving as key business partners to the CEO and developing strong financial acumen across the company. Prior to joining Lineage, Matt served in financial and executive leadership positions at Cooper Standard Automotive, TE Connectivity (formerly Tyco Electronics), and General Electric Company. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Siena College.


What would you tell someone considering a career in supply chain, logistics, or at Lineage?

In fact, I do that every day. We are building a world-class, extremely differentiated business at Lineage. We have a proven track record of dynamic growth, but it feels like we are only at the beginning of our journey. More importantly, we have a very close-knit team – truly a family – that together creates a special workplace environment you won’t find anywhere else.


What is a piece of professional advice you received from an impactful leader that you can share with others?

Always think about culture and fit before joining a new team. As you consider a new position, be sure you will be working alongside folks with whom you will genuinely enjoy collaborating – and can grab a beer with at the end of the day.

And, if you want to lock in something really special, be sure you are joining a team that aligns with your values, appreciates different perspectives and allows ample opportunity for your strengths to contribute to a bigger picture. In Lineage’s case, that bigger picture is connecting people to food.

From our Leadership

While we are outwardly a cold storage company, we are responsible for so much more. Quite literally, Lineage is safeguarding the food the world consumes. That is a huge responsibility and one we do not take lightly.

Matthew Hardt, Chief Financial Officer

What are the two or three most important lessons you have learned in your career from which others could benefit?

Be excited for the success of others – it’s good when other people do well, get promotions, or receive bonuses and raises. Be generous. Be supportive. Learn what differentiates people and learn how to emulate some of their positive characteristics.

Finally, one of our calls to action as a leadership team is to have fun and celebrate wins – and I couldn't agree with it more. Celebrating the team’s wins and infusing fun into work empowers us to do more, work harder and get better results.


The Lineage family is close-knit, but there’s no place like home.

My wife, Keri-Lyn, and I met in high school and have been together ever since. Together, we and our three amazing children – Devin, Skyler and Matthew – are avid UM fans and take vacations to warmer climates as often as we can.