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When it comes to your temperature-controlled supply chain, you think about three things – storing your products, preparing your products and efficiently moving your products from origin to destination. Whether you need one or perhaps all three, Lineage is your trusted, innovative partner dedicated to providing the right combination of store, prepare, and move that ensures your success and helps feed the world.


Optimized end-to-end solutions across the globe

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Food storage

Access to the world's largest cold storage facility network.

Integrated solutions

We deliver more modes, more technology, and more confidence in the process of food transportation.

Strategic solutions

Our strategically driven storage, transportation and technology solutions help solve problems every day.

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Count on a more connected cold chain
Our unrivaled network of hundreds of strategically located facilities in core markets across the globe helps us create a broader, more connected food supply chain for our customers.
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Growth // Innovation // Trusted Partner
Understanding how the cold chain has arrived at this moment provides us with a road map to a more robust and durable transportation portfolio.
June 10, 2021
The time for automation in the food supply chain is now – and it's key for our industry to keep up with new disruptions and heightened pressure.…
September 22, 2021
Innovation // Trusted Partner
A streamlined supply chain is critical to reducing transportation costs and improving reliability. But for many, a streamlined supply chain proves to…
March 14, 2023